• Wedding - party Lighting

    Wedding - party Lighting

  • Wedding - party Lighting

    Wedding - party Lighting

  • Wedding - party Lighting

    Wedding - party Lighting

Wedding Lighting


Important role in creating an elegant atmosphere during dinner or adding energy to the area during the dance, plays the proper lighting. The lights are placed in columns to illuminate the space with color or floor, spreading their brilliance on the walls.

Atmospheric Architectural Lighting

The selection of colors in lights is entirely yours. Imagine walls, columns, plants and trees that surround the venue of the event to be enlightened with the beautiful colors you select or you love. It is preferable instead of the old style conventional lights to use LED type lighting, which will be controlled by computer. It is preferable to choose fixtures that look upwards in order to achieve an elegant color (Wash).

Lighting by Robotic Probes

Dance Floor Lighting

The lights are being controlled by us via computer, which allows us to give each moment the best result:

  • Beautiful and relaxed atmosphere with different designs during the wedding party.
  • Ability to choose of your lighting when do you enter and when you dance
  • Create the atmosphere od a nightclub or a concert.
  • During the dance, the lights can be programmed and change colors according to the rhythm of the music or gently fade in slower songs

Usually weeks before your event, we meet with you at the event, to help you decide on the position of the light or to select the exact color you want.

Projector - Projection Screen

If you want to view a video at your wedding party, we can provide a large display monitor or a projector. We can reproduce a DVD, a video from iPod or even connecting to a PC for an iMovie or a PowerPoint presentation on the big screen or by showing them in a suitable wall using the projector.

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Examples of Wedding Lighting on video

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